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The territory of UCH-SUMER preserved a natural habitat, sparsely populated by human. The population includes mainly strong, large animals with outstanding trophy characteristics.

The area of the hunting farm is more than 120 thousand hectares, and it is located in the territory of the nature reserve. No hunting farm in Altai can boast such a rich selection of trophies. Siberian ibex, roebuck, brown bears, marals, wolves, wild boars, and game birds (black grouse, wood grouse) inhabit the territory of the hunting farm.

If you want to experience the true excitement of a hunter, get the long-awaited trophy; if you love nature and have long been dreaming of going to Altai; if you are a real hunter, the Uch-Sumer hunting farm invites you to exciting hunting tours! Uch-Sumer hunting farm was established in 1990 and has a wealth of experience in organizing and conducting hunting tours. Our hunting farm is located in the heart of the Altai mountains, among wild nature, just 50 km from the highest peak of Siberia - Belukha Mountain (4,506 m).

We invite you to exciting hunting tours!

In the heart of Siberia - Mountain Altai - the cradle of an ancient civilization of warriors and hunters. Wildlife, professionalism of huntsmen will help you experience the true excitement of a hunter in pursuit of game and satisfy the desire to have a wonderful trophy. A special national flavor of these areas shrouded in ancient secrets and legends, will make your tour unforgettable. We wish to get good trophies, enjoy the pristine nature that will encourage you to come to us again.


Hunting in the Altai Republic

Hunting zone.

Hunting is in the mountain taiga zone. A hunter must be ready for many hours of riding, hiking routes in mountainous conditions.


The air temperature varies depending on the season and meters above mean sea level from +25 to -10 (1000 - 3000 meters above sea level). Hunting tour duration is from 7 to 10 days.


Accommodation in basic hunting camps, tents. There is a bathhouse, restaurant, servicing staff.

What is attractive about hunting in Uch-Sumer farms?

  • More than 120 thousand hectares of magnificent grounds
  • Licensed guaranteed hunting. Selection of area for hunting, taking into account seasonality and your personal wishes.
  • Full range of services for beginners and professional hunters.
  • A variety of hunting types. You can meet all kinds of game animals in one hunt.
  • Accompanied by qualified huntsmen, horse breeders.
  • Hunting farm location in the most protected areas (reserves).
  • Accommodation in cozy hunting houses, excellent conditions for outdoor activities.
Time-zone. UTC+6 (Moscow time + 4).

Hunting tour of the Altai Mountains (sample program)

  • Meeting at the airport (Barnaul, Gorno-Altaisk)
  • Delivery to the Tyungur base camp by minibus.
  • In the morning - meet the huntsmen, route planning.
  • Departure to the place of hunting by car or horses, depending on the planned route.
    All expeditions of hunting tours start from the Tyungur base camp.
  • Hunting is carried out in a radius of 1-20 km, duration of the hunt is 7 to 10 days, depending on the tour type.
  • After getting the trophies, moving to the base camp, a festive dinner.
  • Preparing the trophy for shipment.

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